How Long CBD Stay in your System?


The body is a vital structure that can easily succumb to illnesses or even death when not properly taken care of. When we ingest harmful substances, the immune system is weakened, and this becomes dangerous to our general health. 


With the increasing number of CBD products, it is important to know how long the product stays in your body after being ingested. 


 While the product is said to have enormous health benefits, people are still reluctant to try it out. Some say that they failed drug tests after consuming CBD, making the compound a no-go-zone for those who are yet to try it. Also, some places have developed a general stigma around the cannabis plant, and because CBD is a product of this plant, it is feared in such localities. Let’s discover more about this and debunk some of these myths!


What is CBD?


 Cannabidiol (CBD) refers to a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. World Health Organization deems this all-natural substance as harmless and well-tolerated. The non-intoxicating compound has multiple health benefits, from relieving chronic pain to reducing anxiety. However, very many people are still worried about how long CBD stays in the body. This is because, even though the product is all-pure and natural, it contains some traces of THC. If you go for a drug test after consuming CBD, the results will detect the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your body system.


What Scientific Research Says


 Medical research shows that the levels of CBD in the blood can remain untraceable for 6-8 days after its use is discontinued. In a scientific study to determine the period CBD stays in the body system, patients of Huntington’s disease were administered with CBD orally. A high dosage of 700 mg of CBD was given to the patients over a period of six weeks. According to the clinical results of the study, it was found that the estimated half-life of the substance is 2-5 days; half-life refers to the time taken for a quantity to reduce to half of its amount. 


The Time Frame that CBD Stays in the Body


 Very many factors determine the period CBD stays in the body. Amongst these factors is the mode of ingestion, which is a major factor. Generally, medical studies have shown that the average half-life of the substance is 24 hours after smoking or having an IV infusion and 2-5 days after an oral administration. It takes 1.1 hours after a nebulizer administration and around 3 hours after ingesting 10 capsules of CBD. If some 20 mg was administered through an oral mucosal spray, it will take 10.86 hours in the body system.


What Causes the Variations?


 From the above information, it is evident that the half-life of CBD varies depending on the mode of ingestion that used. Additionally, the time CBD stays in the system is also dependent on the amount you will take in. In all the ingestion methods, sublingual administration is said to be more effective than any other form of ingestion. Other factors that affect the period that CBD will stay in the body system include body composition, gender, age, metabolism, body weight, and frequency of use.


 After ingesting CBD, you may begin feeling its effects within 15 minutes of sublingual use or vaping. Tropical and edible CBD products may take an average of 1-2 hours to kick-in effectively. The form used plays a major role in determining the time it will kick in, the effects it will have on you, and how hard it will be for it to be predicted.




 Very little research studies have been carried out to determine how long CBD takes to completely clear from the blood and body system. However, based on the available data, it is likely that the substance clears your body system after one week. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid using CBD products at least a week beforehand. It is worth noting that the rates at which your body will absorb CBD may be different from your neighbour’s rate. It may also take a dissimilar amount of time for the compound to leave your body systems, and all this is because of several dominant factors.


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